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Rudolf "Sisi" Lux

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Rudolf Lux is charismatic, analytical, and dutiful but perhaps a little too free spirited for military life. After all, Rudi was born on 30.12.1922 into a wealthy merchant family that didn’t pride itself with a military tradition like so many other boys who joined the Deutsche Jungvolk (German Youth) movement that encouraged acceptance of NSDAP authority. Rudolf lived free of politics until he was about 14 years old, but at that point things began to change as membership in the Hitler Youth became compulsory in 1936. Rudolf felt a strong sense of duty to his country, but unlike many of his compatriots he was not driven by a sense of retribution towards the Allies for injustices suffered by Germany after its defeat in World War I. Rudolf was motivated by the challenge and glamor of becoming a Jagdflieger (fighter pilot). He gained responsibilities and was meeting a lot of influential people. Above all, he was given the opportunity to qualify as a pilot at the Segelshule (glider school); a ticket for those aspiring service in the Luftwaffe. After meeting the rigorous physical examination and basic training with theFlieger-Ersatzabeilung (airmen battalion) he was accepted as an aircrew candidate and spent the next 2 months flying the Heinkel He51 trainer. Rudolf was a quick study and in a short time at the age of 19 attained the rank of Oberfeldwebel and on 01.12.1942 was assigned to his operational unit, Jagtgeschwader 52.
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