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II./JG52 is a online flight simulator community that primarily recreates historical campaigns in the Il-2 Series of Games. We are dedicated to recreating true to life missions and events in which our pilots can take part in.


We use Discord for our primary form of communication and recruitment. The discord has been setup to accommodate new pilots and introduce members to how we operate our campaigns.


We run organized main flights on Friday depending on your assigned Staffel.

4./JG52 - 1:00 PM PST

5./JG52 - 6:00 PM PST

6./JG52 - 9:00PM PST


Our focus is Immersion, Realism, and Enjoyment. We fly against the Great Battles AI only doing PvP when in specific missions or events.

All pilot progress is tracked through our system and updated after each mission. This data is lost if your pilot is killed or captured during a mission, and will result in a new pilot being added to the roster.

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